Our Testimonials

  • “If you like to fish and want to really catch some wild trout, you have to go on a float trip with Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Anglers. Everything about the trip was wonderful. Dave is a gracious guide and host and has A #1 equipment.”

    - Don
  • “Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Angler offers the best of Montana -- mountains, quiet, great fishing, cabins on the river, great food and service. Dave is not only an expert guide, but is genuine, enthusiastic and knows every detail of the rivers and wildlife in the area. Tammy makes incredible meals and Dave plays bluegrass on the side. Don't miss it!”

    - David and Peggy
  • “I loved the cozy log cabin on your own private stretch of river. Everything you need is right there. Including an experienced angler with all the right gear and secret flies.”

    - Yahoo Reviewer

Our Videos

  • Hot for Hoppers

    It is that time of year in Montana where the river banks are jumping with various forms of Caelifera; aka hoppers. We look forward to the hoppers making their annual appearence just as much as the fish do. Small hopper patterns of all types are seemingly quite effective right now and will remain so for another few weeks. If you're heading out to the Kootenai get your box prepped with a variety of the foamy flies. Here is one simple hopper imitation to try on your tying bench. https://youtu.be/CkrnX4QXYrI

  • Traditions with Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Angler

    Flyfishing with us becomes a family tradition for many generations.

  • The Story of Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Angler

    Hear the Kootenai Angler story from Dave Blackburn himself and see beautiful photos of the land and river we love.

  • Montana From Above

    From Bitterroot Mountains to Polson, here are five of the most amazing locations in Montana. (Find our property at 6:38!)  

Trip Planning

  • Area activities

    Fly fishing isn't the only thing to do in Libby. From taking in gorgeous forested landscapes, conquering nearby peaks on foot, or learning about the history of the area, there's much to do. We can help you plan your whole trip!


    Libby, Montana experiences a continental climate. This means that typically there are large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (sometimes humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

    What to bring

    The perfect trip begins with smart planning before you even leave home. We want to help make it easy, so here's a check list of items you'll want to make sure you pack. It's not comprehensive - just the basics - so make sure to put some thought into packing! 

Recent Blog Posts

  • Kootenai River Fishing Report – April 12,2018 – GoFlyfishMontana.com

    Kootenai River Flow: 4000 Cubic Feet per second, 6 foot visibility, 38 degrees Hatches: Little Blue Quills, Silver Stripe Caddis, Little Olive Stones, Midges Effective Patterns Dry: Parachute Adams, Purple Haze #16-20, Tan Stimulator #8 and 10, Griffiths Gnat, small Golden and Olive Stones. Nymph and Streamers: Beadhead Prince, pheasant tail, stones and midge pupa. Black/Olive Conehead wooly […]

  • Kootenai River Report Sept 2-9 : GoFlyfishMontana

    Discharge from Libby Dam: 9000 kcfs, 18 feet visibility Hatches:  PMD’s, Tan Caddis, Little Blue quills, Tiny winged Ants, Mahogany Duns, Blue Wing Olives, Hoppers, Ants and Craneflies Effective Patterns: All Caddis patterns, Purple Haze, Standard Adams, PMD’s, Olive Parachute Adams, Chubby Chernobyl: all colors, Dave’s Hopper, Sunken Ant Droppers, Peacock Soft Hackles Guide Report: We are […]

  • Kootenai River Report / July 13-16,2017/GoFlyfishMontana.com

    River Flow: 9,900 CFS, 8-10 feet of visibility, 54 degrees F. Inflow from Lake Koocanusa: 19,200 CFS Hatches: Caddis, Pale Morning Dunn, Blue Winged Olive, Golden Stone, Midges, Flying Ants and Crane Fly. Effective Patterns: Caddis, Caddis Emerger, Crane Fly, Flesh Fly, Wooly Bugger, Adams, Royal Wulff. Guide report: 30-40 fish raised on dry flies daily, primarily in the mornings […]