Disabled Vets Fishing

Giving Back to Those Who Have Given

Disabled Vets Fishing

Last fall was our 4th annual year hosting the Disabled Veterans trip. As you may have heard we were able to negotiate a special access to allow a small group to fish between the Dave Thompson Bridge and Libby Dam by boat. The area has been closed to fishing from boats since the dam’s inception in 1974.

It took about 5 years to put this trip in motion, thanks to the cooperating agencies of US Army Corps of Engineers and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for allowing this special time for our Vets that have given their all for our freedom.

The wind was relentless this particular day and hit 35 mph gusts which blew the boats all over the place. At the end of the day everyone caught fish some of the bigger ones however were long distance released! It has always been a challenge to put these great folks into fish with minimum flow regime with spring creek conditions and underwater visibility at around 25 feet.

Disabled Vets Fishing Trip
Disabled Vets

Most of the veterans are entry level fishers, with little to no flyfishing experience. I always were my Dad’s WWII hat during that special day.

Let us know if you have someone who would like to get on our list for these trips. It’s great to give back to these fine soldiers. Let us know if you would like have a disabled vet for us to add to our group.