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Kootenai River Report | May 31 - June 6

Posted on May 31, 2016 by Dave Blackburn  0

River Flow: 17,000 cfs 8-12 foot visibility 51 degrees Inflow from Lake Koocanusa: 31,200 cfs Hatches: Grannom Caddis, Little Blue Quills, Blue Wing Olives, Silver Stripe Caddis, Little Olive Stone, some flights of Carpenter Ants, assorted stoneflies coming into Kootenai from Fisher River. Effective Patterns: X-Caddis, Adams, Parachute Adams, Royal Wulff, Red Quill, Purple Haze, […]

5 Tips for Releasing Fish

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From KeepEmWet Fishing Test

Learning The Reach Cast (Mend) | Kootenai Angler

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Dave Blackburn  0

Don’t over mend! So many inexperienced anglers spend most of their drift trying to mend their line rather than fishing. Learn this simple aerial mend technique and you’ll improve your presentation, and ultimately catch more fish! This can be particularly helpful when dry fly fishing on the Kootenai river.

Trip Planning

  • Area activities

    Fly fishing isn't the only thing to do in Libby. From taking in gorgeous forested landscapes, conquering nearby peaks on foot, or learning about the history of the area, there's much to do. We can help you plan your whole trip!


    Libby, Montana experiences a continental climate. This means that typically there are large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (sometimes humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

    What to bring

    The perfect trip begins with smart planning before you even leave home. We want to help make it easy, so here's a check list of items you'll want to make sure you pack. It's not comprehensive - just the basics - so make sure to put some thought into packing!